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Atlantic Pilot Program

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program is a new aspect in the Canadian immigration landscape.

Throughout this program, the federal government — simultaneously with the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island — aim to meet nearly 7,000 newcomers and inherent families to the Atlantic region of Eastern Canada in the next three years. To a great extent of this region is sometimes referred to as 'the Maritimes'.

The federal and provincial government alike recognize that these provinces need further newcomers who can establish themselves in the labour market and local communities.

The three-year pilot program have been established to help out address resource gaps that sectors are facing, and to help businesses attract and preserve global talent. The program will also support population growth, help to develop a skilled workforce, and enhance employment rates in the region.

The pilot program form part of an overall Atlantic Growth Strategy so as to focus on the following five priority areas:

  • Skilled workforce and immigration.
  • Innovation.
  • Clean growth and climate change.
  • Trade and investment.
  • Infrastructure.

How the pilot program works

This is an employer-driven program, with considerable involvement from employers in the provinces. Once a nominated employer finds a candidate who meets their employment needs and the program criteria, that employer will need to first offer them a job. Employers do not need to go during the process of obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) under this program.

Once the candidate has received the job, the employer will connect the candidate with a selected settlement service provider organization for a requirements assessment and to develop a settlement plan. Employers will also hold the long-term integration of the new immigrant and his or her family, if applicable, so they can reach the goals of their settlement plan once they arrive in Canada.

Employers with the aim of need to fill a job vacancy rapidly will have right to use to a temporary work permit, so that the candidate and his or her family can come up to Canada as soon as possible. In order to achieve this work permit, candidates will require:

  • A valid job offer.
  • A letter from the province.
  • An Assurance to apply for permanent residence within 90 days of the temporary work permit application.

Candidate Requirements

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program has two programs for skilled workers:

  • Atlantic High-Skilled Program (AHSP)
  • Atlantic Intermediate-Skilled Program (AISP)

and one program for international student graduates:

  • Atlantic International Graduate Program (AIGP)

The work experience, education, and job offer compulsory will depend on Even if the individual is applying as a worker or as an international student graduate. The other requirements are the same for both.

Currently, the Atlantic PNP options include:

  • Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP)
  • New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP)
  • Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP)