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“Praveena Malladhi is one of the best interactive and experienced consultant to process the express entry Visa for Canada. She listens carefully and gives amazing input. She is diligent, transparent and above all she brings confidence with her experience. My visa was processed by her and with the above qualities she possessed, the required documents were submitted and I had my visa approved. Thank you so much Praveena. ”


It's a great immense pleasure that Praveena garu helped us in visa application process. She has thorough knowledge about the process and she is very accurate in validating the application before submission. she gave her inputs till the last minute of our application submission. If any one is decided to go through her for PR application, then they can be very confident as she knows very well about the process. I definitely recommend her for PR processing!"


"She proved very knowledgeable and helpful in the whole process. Me and My Spouse were very happy with the service and we would be more than happy to recommend Praveena as an consultant. I had my successful Visa. It was such a pleasure to work with you. We will surely recommend you to everyone who wants to immigration for you are always helpful, friendly, giving advice and able to answer our questions. "


"Praveena helped me and my Spouse with our documentation for Canada PR post getting ITA. We had been to other consultants before but they only gave us wrong information and misled us. We reached out to Praveena. Her knowledge with Canada visa is deep and she guided and helped us get all the supporting documents made so that our file was ready. Within a month of submission of our file we got our request for passport. Kudos to her knowledge, experience and prompt action that helped us prepare a fullproof file. Keep it up Praveena!!"


"Thank you Praveena Garu for helping us in migrating to Canada, without your help and support we could not have achieved this milestone in our lives. Congratulations on your new endeavour from our entire family."


"Praveena is an experienced consultant, prepared our Spousal sponsorship application for my Spouse and we will recommend her services to anyone"

Jinto Alakkal

"No jazzy words, but was truly impressed by immigration [Permanent residency - Canada] services provided by Praveena for myself & my family.

Her immense knowledge on the subject helped us sail smoothly and seamlessly through the immigration process. Her availability was prompt and suggested correct replacement documents in case of "asked/ideal" documents were missing.

Answered all our queries with patience and provided valuable advice about the country as our immigration was in process.

All in all, totally worth opting for Praveena's immigration service - peace of mind Definitely recommend my friends, extended family members to her, they too got visa. Thank you so much Praveena for being there as a beacon of guidance.


I want to extend a heartful thanks to Praveena for helping me immigrate to Canada.

Her valuable experience and expertise ensured that every stage of PR Process went smoothly, I'm glad I trusted her with my Visa filling. She is a very professional immigration consultant backed by so many years of work experience and lot of successful cases. I was even offered help in finding accommodation and job post landing in Canada through her previous clients. All in All a great experience and I can't thank enough!! Kuddos Praveena !

Its been 7 months and I found a job at a reputed FMCG company as a Senior IT Analyst.

Md. Uddin