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Choosing a right Immigration program depends on skilled experience, goals, present financial condition. Migration to countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, UK, USA and many more have become tough to get a Permanent Residency and even the process for citizenship is a tedious with various visa requirements.

Immigrating to a country is not all that easy to get visa granted, it has certain visa requirements and procedures to be followed.

  • Choosing a right destination as per the skilled experience
  • Occupation code
  • Eligibility respect to Country and/ Province requirements
  • Documentation to process the country specified visa requirements.

Canaan Services are specialized at processing skilled workers in Federal & Provincial Programs, family class sponsorships, Open work Permit and Temporary residents who want to work study do business or transfer through Canada and how to expand your stay as a visitor.

We at Canaan Service believe in providing accurate information required by the aspirants and guide them in getting required documents with many alternative solutions pertaining to employment documents, IELTS & Funds Economic & Provincial Programs.

Providing transparency in the entire visa process with client satisfaction. Our core business is to guide, assist individuals in their visa filing including post landing services and job assistance.